In my art, I explore the lives of organisms that are often overlooked, misunderstood, or altogether unseen. By displaying my work, I hope to increase awareness and share the beauty of these largely under-appreciated lifeforms.

"Marissa Halderman's [works] are from another version of the uncanny that has to do with the intrusions into worlds that are not human. The geometry of Walking Stick insects, the slithering trails of larva, the subterranean architecture of ant-lion kingdoms are the private enterprises of the forest that she has recontextualized for human eyes. They are hauntingly beautiful as they demonstrate at once the artist's aesthetic and the aesthetics of nature- the meditation of the evidence and the evidence of the meditation. There is something always intimidating, especially for the artist, about seeing the grandeur of natural design exposed. Halderman uses novel means of shedding light on some of those hidden designs and never getting ahead of the meticulous intentions of evolution, but supports them."

-Alex Cohen, Artist and Curator 


"The Epic of  Evolution," Twenty-Two Gallery, Philadelphia, PA | January 2020
"Biophilia," Twenty-Two Gallery, Philadelphia, PA | January 2016


"Winter Group Show," Twenty-Two Gallery, Philadelphia, PA | January 2016

"Privacy Made Public," New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA | June 2015

“Some Like it Hot,” Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA | August 2014

“The Art of the Barn,” Bucks County Audubon Society Art Show & Barn Tour, Rushland, PA | July 2014

“Articulture: Art meets Horticulture,” Reit Management & Research LLC, Centre Square, Philadelphia, PA | March 2014

“Philadelphia Home Show, Installation: New2You Home Treasures,” Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA | January 2014

“Devotion,” Liz Afif Gallery, Philadelphia, PA | September 2013

“Lafayette Alumni Art Institute,” Lafayette College, Easton, PA | October 2011

“Heat, Bees & Art,” Phoenix Art Gallery, Doylestown, PA | September 2011

“Maxo Vanka & Marissa Halderman: Paintings & Works on Paper,” Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA | September 2010

“Computation, Vision: Emergence,” Grossman Gallery, Easton, PA | October 2009

“Hand-Picked,” Mercantile Home, Easton, PA | May 2009

“Lafayette College 2009 Thesis Exhibition,” Grossman Gallery, Easton, PA | May 2009

“Emerging Artists’ Exhibition: Marissa Halderman & Alaina Lackman,” Lafayette College, Easton, PA | October 2008



Bachelor of Arts, Honors in Art (Art History + Studio Art), summa cum laude Lafayette College, Easton, PA | May 2009 


"Da Vinci Art Alliance turns up the heat," KnightBlog: The blog of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation